The Adoption Page    


Pets Currently Available for Adoption at Fairmount Animal Hospital  


Adoption Process          

                  1. Fill out application                                                                                                                  
                  2. Meet with adoption manager
                  3. Take home your new family member!

For Cats and Kittens the adoption fee is $75

If you are not a client of Fairmount Animal Hospital, we will need a Veterinarian reference. 

First time pet owner? No problem we can work something out.  

   Kristin our Adoption Manager


Success Stories........


        Optimus                                                  Pebbles                                   Cookiesncream


          Baby                                                              Cutie                                                   Kitten Too


          Mickey                                                              Nina                                                    Puck



                        Chad                                                  Rosie                                                    Scuba Steve













                Neuman                                               Ashland                                                       Manny


                          Callie                                                Gucci                                           Gracie









             Simon                        Thanks Jackie E.                          Chloe




     These kittens were abandoned ,  the staff at Fairmount Animal Hospital bottle fed them and when they were

          ready found loving homes for them


    This is one of them now, his name is TJ.                         These kittens were also placed in loving homes






The 21 Kittens

  Fairmount Animal Hospital had a customer drop off a box of 21 abandoned kittens she found on a walk on July 13th. We have been very fortunate and have had an out pouring of  help to care for the kittens and find foster homes for the kittens that were only two or three weeks old when they were dropped off. We would like to thank everyone for their help and donations.