Traveling with your pet - Health Certificates

When traveling with your pet, there may be animal health requirements specific for that destination. As soon as you know your travel details, contact us to assist you with the pet travel process. Factors to consider may include meeting time frames for obtaining a health certificate, updating vaccinations, diagnostic testing, or administration of medications and treatments.  

You must be an established client with Fairmount Animal Hospital to obtain a health certificate. The process can take several weeks depending depending on the destination and country restrictions so planning as far in advance is important! 

Click HERE for the USDA APHIS website.There is a drop down menu to choose the destination country and get info on specifics. If your destination is not in the drop down menu or there is no information on the APHIS website you will need to contact the U.S. consulate or USDA equivalent of that country for requirements.

Once you have obtained the necessary information, you will need to fill out the international health certificate checklist.  This list must be filled out completely by you prior to your appointment.

International Health Certificate Travel Checklist: Download & Print

Owners should also be in contact with the flight company to get info on what specifically they need for travel.

Owners should confirm that their pet’s breed is not on their banned list. This information is also on the APHIS website for the specific countries. Even if the pet is genetically tested and looks like one of the breeds there is a potential for rejection/quarantine/euthanasia in the foreign country.

Please be advised that the completed health certificate and required paperwork needs to be overnight mailed to the USDA office in Albany, NY with any associated fees and a self-addressed envelope for the paperwork to be returned to owners prior to travel.

Domestic (USA) travel requirements:

*Pet is recommended to have a basic (7001) health cert filled and signed by a Licensed DVM (NO USDA STAMP REQUIRED)

*Up to date rabies vaccine with certificate and microchip.  

Canadian travel requirements:

*Rabies certificate required,

*No specific vaccines or DVM exam needed.

Island Nations (including Hawaii) travel requirements:

*International microchip required. 

*Proof of at least 2 rabies vaccines (which only count after the chip was implanted)

*UTD distemper vaccines for dogs

*Upper respiratory vaccines for cats

*FAVAN rabies titer blood test at least 4 weeks after initial rabies vaccine (this test can take up to 4 weeks to be complete)

*possible import permit

*possible internal or external parasite control.

China travel requirements:

*International microchip required

*UTD rabies vaccine

*photo of pet

*copy of owners passport

*Owners need to have been in contact with china as every pet gets  quarantined upon arrival.


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